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Limit your water usage: reduce unnecessary flow into the septic tank and system. An overloaded tank pushes solids out before they have a chance to fully break down. Be diligent about fixing drips and leaks.

Stagger baths and wash loads: Do not overload the system at any point during the day. Spread your laundry loads over several hours or even days. One laundry load creates from 30 to 50 gallons of water.

Never use additives to clean the tank. Such additives can be harmful, and could liquefy the sludge, thereby clogging the drainage field. There are septic additives that are very good for your system and that can contribute to the appropriate breakdown of solids. Call us for more information or advice on this matter.

Use one-ply, white toilet paper: Dyes can harm the bacteria needed for decomposition. To inspect your paper, place a few sheets in a jar ¾ full of water and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. If shredded, the paper is suitable for your septic system. Recycled paper is highly recommended.

Avoid inorganic materials: Articles such as feminine hygiene products or contraceptives should not be flushed down the toilet. They obstruct inlet pipes and create bulky debris in the tank.

Do not dispose of garbage such as grease, fat, coffee beans, paper towels, facial tissues and wet wipes.

Do not use garbage disposal units (garburators). Do not use drain cleaners or bleaching products. Such chemicals can kill microbes in the tank. Avoid using bleach especially.

Do not pour paint thinners, pesticides, motor oil or other hazardous materials down the drain. Even when using water-based paints, do not clean your brushes in the sink. Use a bucket and discard the waste in a suitable location. Ask painters to not use your sinks or drains to get rid of liquids used to clean brushes. They must dispose of these products in an appropriate location.

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